Your Local Directory

More than 180,000 households are covered by GarabyHunt websites – but how are we different?

Have you ever needed to find an electrician in Reading or fancied an evening out at a local restaurant but weren’t sure what was available? How often have you gone to an on-line “local” directory to find that the businesses featured are from 30 miles away and half of the restaurants listed are no longer trading? Well that is all about to change.

  • Featuring the most memorable of URLs for these communities, these sites are in the process of becoming The local Directory for businesses, services and events in Reading, Wokingham, Twyford and Binfield.
  • Unlike many other “directory” sites these newcomers aim to keep business local – the sites will only feature businesses and events operating in the local area – and because these businesses are part of the local community they often offer better levels of quality and service.
  • Use of the internet in the UK is amongst the most advanced in the world – the UK is the first of the world’s major economies to spend more on advertising on the internet that on TV which is not surprising when you consider over 73% of households now have direct internet access and each year another 1,000,000 homes come on-line.
  • GarabyHunt sites are designed to make your business as accessible as possible.

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